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White pay Introduces Crypto Payments To Ukraine Tech Stores

Whitepay has introduced crypto payments to Ukraine tech stores. The latest payment method has made buying products from tech companies easier for customers. Cryptocurrencies have made the biggest impact in the tech world, and Ukraine tech stores have announced Techno Izhak and Stylus will accept bitcoin as payments for goods and services.

This new payment option allows consumers quickly and securely buy products from their favorite tech stores through cryptocurrency. Let’s get into the blog to learn more about white pay and the benefits of Whitepay.

What is Whitepay?

Whitepay is a payment platform that has enabled industries and consumers to make and receive payments in various currencies, such as cryptocurrencies. Whitepay users can easily store, exchange and transfer value while making it a convenient solution for individuals and businesses. It’s an excellent opportunity for our customers and the Ukrainian economy.

What Was The Intent Of Introducing Cryptocurrencies To Tech Stores?

Cryptocurrencies have earned huge recognition among Ukrainians in the last few years. They can pay with digital property through suitable varieties of online shops. White pay’s crypto payments are easy to use and secure, and we all know Ukraine is the fastest-growing tech store in Europe.

 Due to limited payment options, Ukraine tech stores are struggling to get the attention of huge customer base, which is why crypto payments are introduced. With white pay, you can accept cryptocurrency as a payment method for all products and services.

Customers have more options with this, and when it comes to paying, you can use either credit cards or cryptocurrency. These are considered safer and more secure ways for consumers to shop online. If you don’t prefer credit cards or cash, start accepting payments from those who want to pay via crypto. You will come across a huge number of talented developers.

Whitepay allows merchants to accept crypto payments in Ukraine from all over the world with little effort. They handle everything from the start to the processing of every transaction.

White pay Introduces Crypto Payments To Ukraine Tech Stores

How Do Whitepay Crypto Payments Work?

The problem has been solved with Whitepay because they have introduced crypto payments to Ukraine Tech stores. Whitepay crypto payments are easy to use and secure. Simply select the cryptocurrency and enter the amount you want to spend.

These payment options will be available at Whitepay retail locations in Ukraine.

You will get more than 150 types of cryptocurrencies available for the transaction as Whitepay introduced crypto payments to Ukraine tech stores. There are the following ways to pay with crypto.

  1. Scan the QR code on the phone and select the currency of your choice.
  2. Use the Whitepay wallet app to store multiple cryptocurrencies and the wallet app to scan QR codes and pay online by transferring funds from your wallet directly into an account or exchange.

If you don’t have cryptocurrencies but want to spend on tech stores in Ukraine, buy anything from an exchange like Coinbase or Binance.

Is It Worthy To Pay Crypto Payments Using Whitepay For Tech Stores?

It is worthy in the following ways to pay crypto payments using Whitepay for tech stores. Just like:


It’s super easy to pay with Whitepay. Just scan the QR code or enter an address. No don’t need to wait for the payment to get cleared or transferred. It has definitely made the life easier for customers.


Whitepay uses bitcoin’s lightning network, which is beneficial for security means. Whatever you do, how much you have left in your wallet, or what else you spend is entirely private.

No hidden fees

In other apps, you might have to pay a few percentages for every transaction, but Whitepay doesn’t charge fees or commissions on payments made via the app.

Can Crypto & Whitepay Replace The Traditional Payment Procedures?

It’s the best and most effective payment solution for the tech industry. Crypto users need not follow the separate process of conversion of crypto into fiat before purchasing something from stores. The white pay system automatically converts all payments into fiat for crypto payments in Ukraine, which is very beneficial for all.

White pay offers:

  1. Easy to use interface for both experienced and new to crypto payments.
  2. Integration into websites or apps.
  3. The merchant dashboard manages sales on the page.


What is Whitepay?

Whitepay is a payment platform that enables businesses and consumers to easily and securely make and receive payments.

Why is Whitepay introducing crypto payments to Ukraine tech stores?

Whitepay is introducing crypto payments to Ukraine tech stores to help reach a wider customer base for enhancing business to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies.

How Whitepay works?

  • Select the preferred cryptocurrency.
  • Enter the amount you wish to spend.
  • It will securely process the payment
  • Transfer the funds to the recipient’s wallet.

Is the Whitepay platform secure?

The white pay payment platform is secure and protects against fraud and hacking. This platform uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure the safety of all transactions.

What are the advantages of using white pay’s crypto payments?

The advantages of white pay’s crypto payments are a wider customer base, increased security, lower transaction fees, and quick & easy transactions.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrencies will become the primary future for financial transactions in the upcoming years. Cryptocurrency isn’t mature yet, but it has become more popular in different countries worldwide.

Although Whitepay introduces crypto payments to Ukraine tech stores now possible to pay via crypto to online and offline shops all over Ukraine, Europe, and wherever you want.

Whitepay system is up to date with time and more technology conveniently for users. It has helped the growth of the tech industry in the region with a secure payment platform.

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