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How To Swap Bnb To Eth In Metamask?

How To Swap Bnb To Eth In Metamask? This blog is all about how to swap Bnb to eth in MetaMask. Investors and on-chain traders cannot directly swap ETH to Bnb over the Ethereum network because BNB doesn’t have an Ethereum wrapped version of token on ETH Mainnet. The process shouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes and requires a few things to set up. Let’s get into this to know further.

What is Ethereum (ETH)?

Ethereum is a decentralized platform. Applications run exactly programmed without the possibility of fraud or any third-party interference. These apps run on a custom-built blockchain, a massive, powerful shared global infrastructure that can give more value and represent property ownership.

It enables the developers to create markets and store registries of debts or promises with instructions given in the past about many other things that haven’t been invented yet without counterparty risk. The process is pretty simple for swapping Eth to Bnb and takes only 5-20 minutes.

What is Binance (BNB)?

Binance is a blockchain ecosystem including Exchange, Labs, Launchpad, and BNB chain. It is one of the world’s most popular and fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance has quickly risen to become one of the largest exchanges for trading volumes and users. Investment in early-stage blockchain projects, Labs provide the resources, network, and expertise that entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses.

If you are searching for how to swap Bnb to Eth, get to know BNB chain is a centralized fork of Ethereum that has fewer network validators to make it less secure but cheaper to transact. BNB chain has become popular worldwide by securing $20 billion in value.

What is required to set up for swapping Bnb to Eth in Metamask?

  • Metamask wallet setup and installed on a browser like Chrome or Brave.
  • Some BNB to swap is required and can be held on a centralized exchange like Binance. If you already have a MetaMask wallet, set up on the Binance Smart Chain to interact with BNB on the BEP20 token standard.

Navigate to Change Now and Set Inputs

When you are done with the required things, start with the navigation to It is a trusted non-custodial service created for fast cryptocurrency exchanges. Choose BNB BSC, and selecting the token but not the Binance Coin Mainnet token is essential because the BNB tokens in Metamask are on the Binance Smart chain.

For the second currency, select Ethereum; when you type the amount of BNB to swap, ChangeNow automatically calculates how much Ethereum will result. The minimum amount is always changing. Always keep this thing in consideration with the amount of Ethereum received.

Copy Paste Recipient Wallet Address

Click Exchange which brings you to a page where Change Now asks to input where Ethereum should be deposited. Open up the Metamask wallet, copy and paste the address making sure my MetaMask is on the correct network. This doesn’t have to be Metamask address through. You will receive the Ethereum in a Coinbase account. Click Next, and ChangeNow shows a notification saying network fees are high now. Click “I Understand” and proceed.

Confirming Transaction and Depositing BNB

ChangeNow asks to confirm the transaction, and you need to make sure everything looks good and Click Confirm. If you receive a message like “couldn’t create a transaction. Please try again,”. It could happen while swapping a small amount. It could work by clicking the Confirm button again and again. If it still doesn’t work, deposit some more BNB into the source wallet to make sure you can pay for transaction fees or try again later.

Confirmation will bring you to the page where ChangeNow awaits a deposit. ChangeNow would ask to transfer BNB to an address so they can process the Swap. If BNB is held elsewhere other than Metamask, withdraw that address ending in 404 that ChangeNow provided. Since you have BNB in your Metamask wallet, you can deposit with the browser and click “Unlock Brave Browser.”

If it says, “Please connect Metamask to the appropriate Network,” you are currently connected to Ethereum Mainnet in the Metamask wallet extension. You need to switch the Binance Smart chain network to deposit the BNB.

When the Deposit has been submitted, wait for ChangeNow to detect the deposit to continue swapping to Ethereum. You need to wait for the BNB to deposit. The status bar should change to “Confirming” after a few minutes. The process takes about 5 minutes, and the time it takes to swap is completely dependent on the network congestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to exchange BNB for ETH on Metamask?

  1. Open the MetaMask extension.
  2. Click the Swap button.
  3. Choose the tokens you want to swap and click Get Quotes.
  4. Compare all available quotes and select the best one.
  5. Click on Swap and wait until the transaction completes.

How long does it take to swap BNB to ETH?

Each Exchange takes only 5-20 minutes.

Is MetaMask suitable for swapping?

Unlike other crypto wallets, MetaMask is built to be privacy first. It enables you to access, store, and Swap tokens without worrying about Dapps or exchanges accessing personal data.

Why swapping on Metamask so expensive?

Here, you will be paying for the computation of the transaction, whether it succeeds or fails. If it fails, the validators must confirm and execute the transaction, which takes computational power. You must pay for computation just like to pay for a successful transaction.

How can I change the BNB token to ETH?

Choose a binance coin in the “You send” section. Enter the amount of BNB you would like to exchange. Select Ethereum in the “You get” section. Click the exchange button.

Final Thoughts

We have mentioned these steps about how to swap Bnb to eth in MetaMask? If BSC is already added to the Metamask wallet, you will have no problem seeing and transferring BNB in the Metamask wallet.

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